true story.  It has been crazy cold here, like when I left my house this morning it was –20.  Car batteries don’t like it much when it gets this cold.  They work by a chemical reaction, which slows down the colder it gets.  If your battery is old or weak or your car isn’t charging well, your car might not start when it is very cold.

This happened yesterday to one of our oldest and best customers.  So, being a smart woman, she called AAA and asked that they come and give her battery a hand so she could get to work.  A while later the AAA guy shows up and looks under her hood.  Our friend has a car that has a protective bar across the front end under the hood, to protect the car in an accident.  So the guy looks at the bar (remember it is absolutely freezing outside) and says to our friend “Don’t you have a guy upstairs who can do this for you?”  Then says he doesn’t have time to take the bar off, and leaves!

Our intrepid friend called AAA again and has a second guy come to her house, who tows the car to us, while she’s making a formal complaint to AAA. (AAA was as horrified as I was by the remarks and actions of the first guy.  Of course, it is their job to remove the bar, test the battery and then tow it if needed).

We still hear stories like this, or worse, quite often.  There was the customer who came to us in tears because she was told by someone at another shop in town that her brains must be in another part of her anatomy because (in their opinion) she was wrong about a repair on her car (she wasn’t wrong – they were trying to sell her something she didn’t need).  Or the time another customer made a mistake by parking illegally, and when she went to go pick up her car from where it had been towed, there was no exhaust system left!  She went into the garage and asked them what had happened, where the exhaust was.  They played dumb and told her they had no idea what had happened, refusing to take any responsibility for their (presumable) actions.

Instances like this make you remember that being a woman in the auto world is still a hard job, whether as a customer or worker.  Sometimes our solutions to a car problem aren’t completely trusted seemingly because we are a woman run garage.

Women don’t get the full story, or get cheated into buying unnecessary parts at some garages because the male workers think it’s an easy dupe.  That’s not how we operate here.  Other than quality care and excellent service, with us, you get an honest opinion and offer no matter your gender.