The new Vermont State Inspection is active now.

The requirements are the same but now when you come for inspection your car gets plugged into a computer that communicates directly with the state. This is to create a standard that every shop must meet in order to prevent dangerous cars on the road.

It takes us considerably longer to use the new system and both the upfront and ongoing costs are higher so every shop we have talked to is raising their prices for the inspection. We hope to keep the cost reasonable.

The things we look for fall into a couple broad categories:

  • Brakes and exhaust must be in good shape
  • Front windows and all external lights must work
  • There must be no dash light (like a check engine light)
  • The tires must have good tread and the suspension elements must be functioning properly
  • Anything that could be a safety hazard, such as an oil leak that drips on a hot part or badly rusted fuel or brake lines, will also fail

Don’t forget we need to see your insurance and registration!