We had the wonderful experience of serving a lovely couple from Knoxville, TN, who broke down in Burlington (it wasn’t nearly so wonderful an encounter for them!)  Sharon and Bill spend much of their free time traveling and Sharon wrote a very sweet bit about us in her travel blog.  Check out the blog at: http://gainsandlosseslifethroughsharonseyes.blogspot.com/2012/05/by-time-we-got-to-woodstock.html Below is the part about us, but check out the rest as well.  It makes one appreciate home to see it through the eyes of appreciative travelers!

I cannot leave the subject of our Kia misfortune without thanking Girlington Garage.  When we realized something was very wrong with the car, I immediately researched the area for AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities.   AAA was one of my clients during my days in CorporateWorld and I know for a fact, that the stringent criteria for obtaining and keeping this designation is TOUGH!  A facility has worked hard for it and must continue to work hard to KEEP it.  Girlington was the only garage listed in the Burlington area with the AAA Approved designation. What fun to read EVERY WORD of their website and learn that the garage is female-owned.   But who cares who owns it with reviews like it has?   And I cannot use enough superlatives to adequately describe our experience with them from start to finish.  Yes, it cost us a lot of money we were not anxious to spend, but not once did we feel taken advantage of because we were a long way from home.  In fact, Demeny (owner) made every effort to explain to us ways in which she felt we MIGHT be able to make it home, but it was going to involve careful monitoring and daily steps to take.  We felt so good about the garage, we authorized the repairs and even let them go ahead and take care of a couple of things that should’ve been done during our pre-trip maintenance check prior to leaving.  There was NOTHING the garage or anyone we dealt with that wasn’t done courteously, promptly and at no time, were we ever not kept involved in the process.  People, this is customer service! Since it isn’t likely I’ll be able to use their services again, I truly hope by giving them a shout-out here, someone else might benefit down the road.  We wish Demeny and her staff the very best and have no doubt Girlington Garage will continue to prosper.

Thanks so much, Sharon, and you and Bill stop by next time you are in Vermont!