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How Often Should I Change My Oil?

Hi Girlington Garage: I need some auto expert advice. I need to know what the oil change for my 2001 Saturn L200 wagon. I read an article that every 3K oil change may be unnecessary. Is that true? Also, what do you suggest for a car that has over 200K on it…what should I do different to maintain it as long as I can? Signed- A fan.

I generally recommend replacing the oil based on what the manufacturer for your car recommends. This can always be found in your owner’s manual. We write out our oil change stickers for 3,000 miles regardless of the vehicle. This way most people start thinking about getting it done at around 3,000, and usually make it by about 4,000.

To go longer between oil changes, use full synthetic. It lasts twice as long. We just found out we can get 100% recycled oil as well — we are working on that and will let you know when it comes in!